How Bellum Tan became Rich Dad Asia

Rich Dad Asia

Have you ever wondered how Bellum Tan became Rich Dad Asia™? Here is his fascinating story:

Bellum Tan started up as a turnkey contractor in marine and offshore engineering. He had always been entrepreneurial since he was nine. When he was young, he stayed in a kampong, or small village. His family owned about four acres of land and planted many fruit trees, such as rambutan, jackfruit, mango, etc. Often after school, together with his cousins, Bellum would pluck the fruits from the tree, put them in a basket, and roam around the kampong to sell them.

After college, Bellum gave himself five years to work for others as an Employee (E) to learn the trade. While working for others, he was very helpful and volunteered his service to other departments, as he wanted to learn the business as much as he could. Soon, he started his first company, a part-time business. Then success begat success and he became a successful contractor. He was already rich by the time he attended his first seminar with Robert Kiyosaki in 1992.

Life-Changing question

At that seminar, Robert asked the audience one question that Bellum said changed his life: What is the true job of an entrepreneur?

Bellum realized that working hard is not enough. He had built a business by working 18 hours a day. He practically had no time for anything else. And when there’s a problem, he had to go and fix it himself. Like a typical entrepreneur, Bellum did everything himself because no one else can do it better than he could. As he said, it seemed that instead of his employees working for him, he was actually working for his employees. He was, in essence, Self-Employed (S).

In that seminar, Bellum learned that a true business owner should be able to leave his business for several months and come back and still find it running well. The secret to business is systems. Developing systems for all aspects of running the business is the main job of an entrepreneur. This way, he can hire and train employees who can run his business by following those systems.

Becoming a B and I

Today, Bellum’s companies are being operated by his staff. Now, he has more time to run other businesses. In fact, his peers are always surprised he has all the time in the world to have long lunches with them while they hurry off to go back to their office. By understanding and applying Rich Dad principles, Bellum became a true Business Owner (B). With over 30 years experience in operating a group of companies, Bellum has successfully applied Rich Dad to attain financial, time, and location freedom.

Since meeting Robert in 1992, Bellum has since then practiced everything he learned by actively investing in real estate in the early ’90s and has gone into investing with Robert and his team in providing seed funding for a few companies that have successfully gone public, including mining companies. Now, Bellum is classified as a Level-5 Investor as defined in Robert’s book “CASHFLOW® Quadrant”, making him a true Investor (I).

He has honed his investment skills through businesses, real estate, and venture capital funding. So Bellum has successfully moved from the E (Employed) and S (Self-Employed) quadrants to the B (Business Owner) and I (Investor) quadrants.

Ambassador in Asia

In 2002, Robert surprised Bellum by inviting him to become his Rich Dad Ambassador in Asia. Robert initiated that Bellum and his wife Doreen should start RichDad Training (S.E.A) Pte Ltd. Of course Bellum agreed. To him, being the first to be acknowledged by Robert out of the hundreds of thousands of people he has met in Asia to pass on the philosophy of Rich Dad was a great honor. Bellum saw that there was a real need for people in the region to be better educated financially. Cashflow Technologies and Robert appointed and authorized Bellum to conduct CASHFLOW® seminars and workshops in Asia teaching the Rich Dad concept.

Soon, Bellum became so adept at running Robert’s famous  CASHFLOW® 101 board game and seminar that he even created  ”The Singapore Strategy”. He shared this strategy with the Rich Dad organization in Phoenix, Arizona, where he surprised everyone during the “Strategic Conference Seminar” with the millions of dollars created as a result.

CASHFLOW® 101 was created for people starting off from the left of the CASHFLOW® Quadrant: the “E” and “S” side (Employee and Self-Employed). However, Robert Kiyosaki classified Bellum Tan’s strategy as coming from “B” and “I” side of the Quadrant (Business and Investor). In doing so, Bellum brought participants of CASHFLOW® 101 to a higher level, and taught them how to invest from the right side of the quadrant, the side of the rich.

How You Can Get Involved? 

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