Rich Dad Asia Bellum TanBellum Tan PicBellum Tan is the CEO of Rich Dad’s Training (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd. He  has over 30 years experience in operating a group of companies and have successfully applied Rich Dad™concepts of investment to attain financial freedom. He will teach you the right mindset necessary to obtain their financial goals and give them a chance to benefit personally by tapping into his wealth knowledge and experience.

Bellum Tan met Robert Kiyosaki (creator of Rich Dad Poor Dad) in 1992 and  has since then practiced everything he learned from Robert by actively investing in real estate in the early 90′s and today has gone into investing with Robert and his team in providing seed funding for a few companies that have successfully gone public.

Now, Bellum is classified as a Level-5 Investor as defined in Robert Kiyosaki’s book CASHFLOW® Quadrant. He has mastered his investment skills through businesses, real estate and venture capital funding and has even created  “The Singapore Strategy” for CASHFLOW® 101. He shared this strategy with Rich Dad’s organization in Phoenix, Arizona, where he surprised everyone during the “Strategic Conference Seminar” with the millions of dollars created as a result.

You can listen to seminars by so-called success coaches and self-described financial gurus, or you can listen to the real deal! Bellum Tan is the real deal!

Rich Dad Asia Live in Cambodia is brought to you by Rich Dad’s Training (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd. and PM Leadership.

Register now if you want to get out of the The Rat Race and on the Fast Track of financial freedom. Learn the secrets of how the Rich get richer and how YOU can get rich too!

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Piseth Kham 

Piseth Pic

Piseth is the founder & CEO of PM Leadership, Cambodia’s leading seminar organizer on success, business and wealth creation. He is the Facilitator of CashFlow Club Cambodia supported by Rich Dad Asia. He gets famously known for starting his company with $ 400 and turning it into a national brand within one year.

Piseth served as a Director Consultant of BNI Cambodia from 2013-2015. He successfully launched a BNI Chapter “BNI Cambodia-Millionaire Chapter“. He served as a President of BNI CEO Chapter in 2015. He acted as a Management Advisor with German Development Service (DED) in 2007-2008. He served as Program Manager for CDPO for almost five years.

His passion is to learn, do and helping people like you to learn, grow and achieve more in life.
Piseth develops his personal success and business skills through his interactions with some of the top minds such as Jay Abraham, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Blair Singer, Rich Schefren, Bellum Tan, Terence Tan, Cayden Chang, and more…

He has appeared on CNC, SEA TV, TVK, Hang Meas TV, Bayon TV, Radio Australia, National Radio, Phnom Penh Post and others.

Visit his website at: www.pisethkham.com 

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