Very often I am being ask!

Bellum Tan

Very often I am being ask . How do I start to invest. Do I start with real estate or do I start with the stock markets. If I don’t have the money how am I going to get started.

” Pay attention to the investment areas that you find most interesting. It’s crucial you choose the asset that best suits your personality, values and lifestyle. After all, being an investor is a lifelong activity so you want to find something that you’ll actually like to study ” Quote Kim Kiyosaki.

Once one of Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad point this out to Kim Kiyosaki when they were thinking to produce their Cashflow Game and they don’t have the money to do

so. Frank Cerie told Kim ” Only LAZY people use their own money to start their business.

A true enterpreur don’t use their own money to get started. That promt KIm and Robert to raise the fund to kick of the production of Cashflow Game in Bali.

This article was adapted from facebook page “Bellum Tan – Rich Dad Asia”. For more details and to register for his workshop, click here.


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