Rich Dad Asia Bellum Tan will teach you:

  • How you can work less and yet make more money
  • How to use other people’s money to make you richer
  • What type of debt is good and what type is bad
  • How to fill up your personal balance sheet
  • How you can make money in a bad market and in a good market
  • When is the time you make money, when you buy or sell
  • Why your home can be your liability instead of an asset
  • What your CPA or your banker did not tell you
  • Why middle income people are loading up with liability without knowing about it
  • Simple rules of thumb to differentiate between assets and liabilities
  • What type of income the Rich go for that the Poor don’t
  • What the Rich do that the Poor don’t
  • What the Rich know that the Poor don’t know
  • What type of education the Rich have that the Poor and Middle Class don’t have
  • What types of investment vehicles the Rich use to made them richer everyday

This workshop won’t be just like the usual seminars that leave you overloaded with information on theories and principles that are hard to practice in real life. Instead, the speaker, Rich Dad Asiaand multi-millionaire Bellum Tan himself will teach you how to stop working for money and instead let your money start working for you — so you can have all the time you want with your loved ones and with the things that you really love to do.

Yes, please reserve a seat for me for Rich Dad Asia Workshop!


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